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Hi, I'm Alisha!

I’m originally from San Diego, California but now I live in the small town of Delmar, Delaware with my husband and four children.


Photography has always been something I have loved! I remember when I was 12 years old, my aunt took me out to get a birthday present and all I wanted was a camera. At the time, I had no idea what ISO or APPERTURE was. All I knew was that I loved capturing special moments in my life and being able to look back on them with such fondness. I never thought of photography as a potential career until all of my kids were in school and I sat back and said, “Okay …. Now what?”  

What makes me happy?  

What can I do to make an impact on someone’s life and still be the mom I want to be?  

That’s when photography came to me!

I bought my first real DSLR camera and signed up for college courses to earn my degree in photography. The need to learn everything about the art and business side of photography consumed me and fascinated me. I gave it my all, and now here I am today: living my dream.

My one goal as a lifestyle and family photographer is (that through my passion and knowledge for photography) to capture those special moments that reflect your life and highlight those memories for a lifetime.

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